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February 14, 2024

Stay Always Prepared with Synergy Equipment’s 24-Hour After-Hours Service

At Synergy Equipment, we take customer service seriously by providing 24-hour service to our customers. Our Emergency After Hours Service ensures you can get the help you need when you need it most. We take the time to rent, repair and move equipment at any time so that you can stick to doing what you do best, completing projects with as much uptime as possible.

Making Emergencies Easier

Through our Emergency After Hours Service, we guarantee that we will get back to you with a quick solution to your problem within one hour of your call. We offer a wide range of solutions with our 24-hour emergency service to accommodate your equipment needs at all times of the day. From renting to repair, we’ve got your equipment covered exactly when you need it.

A Solution for Your Crew

Our Emergency After Hours Service encompasses many of our most common customer situations including, but not limited to renting equipment to be delivered after hours, renting equipment for delivery the following business day and repair for equipment currently on rent. We will also work to move equipment currently on rent from one job site to another.

Dedicated Customer Service

We are focused on providing our customers with the best experience possible with all of our equipment rentals. Our entire team works hard to deliver the kind of customer service that provides the right information, service and equipment quickly so you can get back on the job. We currently have 17 conveniently located branches throughout Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina that are all equipped with the right tools, people and equipment for your needs.

No matter how you choose to make the most of your customer service experience at Synergy Equipment, our team is sure to do everything possible to get you started the right way. We focus on training our employees to provide you with expert care in every situation. Want to learn more about how Synergy Equipment takes service to the next level? Check out our blog!