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Track Loader
Bobcat MT100
240 hrs

No need for wheelbarrows, shovels or other hand tools when you roll onto jobsites with the Bobcat® MT100 mini track loader. It goes through gates, doorways and other narrow spaces with ease. The machine also delivers a big boost in power with a 1,000-lb. rated operating capacity, powerful breakout force and impressive lift height.

Material Handling
Material Handlers DX210
420 hrs

Improved Efficiency Designed to withstand the toughest material handling tasks, the Doosan® DX210WMH-5 delivers powerful performance and lasting strength. Built with front and rear stabilizers, additional guarding, and a boom and arm specifically designed for material handling tasks, it’s ideal for applications such as scrap metal, solid waste, and logging.

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Benefits of Buying Used Construction Equipment

In the construction industry, there are many advantages to buying used equipment over new models. Innovations do not get added year after year, making it easy to benefit from used equipment and still have the features to do a job right.

Our goal at Synergy Equipment is to match you with the best used construction machines and tools in Florida. We have multiple locations in the state of Florida, and we serve Georgia and South Carolina.

Lower Cost

High-quality used construction machines are available at a lower cost than new models. Plus, used models will have lower insurance premiums than new models. Insurance bases their numbers on replacement cost, which is less for a pre-owned piece of equipment.

Find What You Need

Unlike new models, you can find used equipment with a quick search of a dealership's inventory. You might have experienced waiting for your order of a new model. Not being able to find what you need immediately can delay construction jobs.

Project Flexibility

If you start buying used equipment, you will be able to bid on more jobs. It is not a big deal if a construction project requires a specialized machine. You will likely be able to find a quality, affordable used model.

Excellent Customer Service

Do you need a particular piece of equipment? Synergy Equipment can help you get an excellent deal on what you need today. Head to one of our Florida locations to ask our staff for more information. We welcome everyone from South Carolina and Georgia.