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We provide high-quality, customer-focused de-watering and fluid transfer solutions.
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Rotary-Lobe Pumps

Available in sizes from 6 to 12 inches, the pumps handle medium-sized solids, are rugged with run-dry capability for a limited time, and are ideal for wellpointing or sock dewatering projects.

Pump Solution
Double Diaphragm Pumps

Available in sizes from 4 to 8 inches and used to move heavy sludge and debris-filled wastes from trenches and catch basins, and are ideal for well-pointing and sock dewatering applications.

Pump Solution
Extreme High-Head Pumps

Available in sizes from 4 to 12 inches, and with heads exceeding 900 feet, and are optimal for projects requiring high PSI jetting, and moving water long distances or with extreme head.

Pump Solution
High-Head Pumps

Available in sizes from 4 to 12 inches, with heads exceeding 500 feet, and operate in the harshest mining and construction environments.

Pump Solution
High-Volume Pumps

Available in sizes from 4 to 18 inches with flows exceeding 14,000 GPM and high solids capabilities. High-volume pumps are ideal for bypassing gravity sewers, lift stations, canals or any type of high-volume dewatering and water transfer.

Why Synergy's Pump Solutions?

Additionally, Synergy provides accessories for: construction, mining, remediation, dry docks, temporary fire suppression, and maintenance operations. Synergy is always available to provide responsive 24/7 delivery and maintenance services.

Our decades of in-depth experience and hands-on knowledge of the pump industry bring a comprehensive understanding of the types and sizes of pumps and accessories specifically tailored to meet your project needs.

Going beyond equipment

Our virtual or on-site assessments of your de-watering or transfer requirements, followed by careful analysis of factors such as soil types and conditions, water table depths, terrain elevations, water quality and temperatures, as well as distances from pump to discharge points, provide you with the right Synergy pump solutions when and where you need them.


Diesel or electric, open or sound attenuated.


Remote monitoring, pressure and vacuum transducers and auto start floats.


Quick connect, HDPE and galvanized steel.


Suction and discharge in all configurations.


Quick connect, cam and groove, NPT and sock tee.

Auxiliary fuel tanks

Self-contained, and 250 and 500 gallons.

Road crossing

Single-lane and double-lane lengths.

Wellpoint accessories

Header pipe, swing arms, points and jetting rods.

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