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We provide high-quality, customer-focused de-watering and fluid transfer solutions.
Pump Solution
Hudig Solids Handling Dewatering

Synergy’s most unique pump type offering. Designed with efficiency, performance, durability, and versatility as objectives, the Hudig pump is one of a kind offered in the market today. With fuel consumption ranging from .737 to 1.16 gallon per hour, runtimes on these pumps are up to 179 hours to tank of fuel. The sound attenuation canopy offers 60 dB(A) at 33ft, making these the quietest pumps on the market.

Pump Solution
High Volume Pumps

High volume, solids handling pumps are versatile and the most commonly used pumps in the portable pump market. Often referred to as trash pumps, applications include sewer lift station and gravity sewer bypass, cooling tower bypass, canal bypass, stream diversions, open sump dewatering, limited well-point/horizontal sock and mine dewatering. The list of applications these types of pumps are used for is almost endless.

Pump Solution
High-Head Pumps

When your job includes an elevation change of over 100’ or the discharge piping condition creates a high head/psi condition High-Head pumps usually come into play. Typically, high head applications are considered critical conditions. Applications include mine dewatering, sewer and potable water bypass, booster pump stations, temporary fire protection, pipe flushing, and coolant water recirculation.

Pump Solution
Rotary Lobe Pumps

The correct dewatering process is important on any job site to achieve the proper groundwater table for the project. Rotary-lobe pumps perform well on applications where a combination of water and high air handling is required. Applications include well-point and sock tile dewatering.

Pump Solution
Hydraulic Power Units and Pumpheads

Offering 4" up to 42" hydraulic submersible pump heads with a variety of impeller/propeller designs, and the diesel driven power units to drive them Synergy Equipment has the pump to handle small and large hydraulic pump applications.

Pump Solution
Double Diaphragm Pumps

When your job site demands the movement of heavy sludge and debris filled wastes from trenches and catch basins, Synergy Pump's Double Diaphragm pumps are the solution. This pump offers well-pointing and sock dewatering applications as well.

Why Choose Synergy Equipment Pumps?

In addition to carrying the latest models in earth moving, material handling, and compaction equipment, Synergy’s pump division offers decades of in-depth experience and hands-on knowledge of the pump industry. We bring a comprehensive understanding of the types and size of pumps, along with required accessories specifically tailored to meet your project needs. Synergy Equipment Pumps builds in-house over 50% of the pump products we use in our rental fleet and sale direct to end users. We offer turn-key systems from initial design to on-site installation, system monitoring to dismantle and demobilization.

Pipe Plugs

Plugs, air and vacuum testing equipment


Remote monitoring, pressure and vacuum transducers and auto start floats.

Pipe & Hose

Quick connect, HDPE, galvanized steel. All configurations suction and discharge

Turnkey Services

24/7 emergency response, experienced project installation and demobilization

Filtration and Water

Turnkey water treatments systems, onsite water quality testing

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Self-contained, and 250 and 500 gallons.

Road Crossing

Single-lane and double-lane lengths.

Wellpoint Accessories

Header pipe, swing arms, points and jetting rods.

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