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Hydraulic Power Units and Pumpheads

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Offering 4" up to 42" hydraulic submersible pump heads with a variety of impeller/propeller designs, and the diesel driven power units to drive them Synergy Equipment has the pump to handle small and large hydraulic pump applications.

Axial Flow Pumps offered 12” – 42”. Axial Flow are ideal for applications that require high flow with low head conditions. Commonly used for flow control of rivers, canals, and levees. We also offer Trash Pumps type hydraulic submersible pump heads ranging from 4”-12” with solids handling capability of up to 4". Applications include sewer lift station, gravity sewer bypass, digester bypass, canal bypass, stream diversions, open sump dewatering, and mine dewatering. We offer various sludge and slurry pump heads as well. Synergy Equipment Pumps also offers hydraulic power units ranging from 74 hp to 600 hp.