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Hudig Solids Handling Dewatering

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Synergy’s most unique pump type offering. Designed with efficiency, performance, durability, and versatility as objectives, the Hudig pump is one of a kind offered in the market today. With fuel consumption ranging from .737 to 1.16 gallon per hour, runtimes on these pumps are up to 179 hours to tank of fuel. The sound attenuation canopy offers 60 dB(A) at 33ft, making these the quietest pumps on the market.

These quiet and fuel-efficient pumps have proven to be preferred for open sump, well-pointing and sock tile dewatering applications. These units offer up to 8” centrifugal pumps combined with up the use of, 165cfm oil-free vacuum pumps, allows for a constant delivery of water-air-mixture to be achieved. Having separate water and air moving components allows for absolute water discharge, while maintaining a high vacuum at the same time.